Biggest iPhone X leak reveals big additions to iOS

Biggest iPhone X leak reveals big additions to iOS

Just one day to do, and the world will be graced upon by the next big Apple iPhone release. Over the weekend numerous leaks emerged, but most importantly, none of those will matter, now that the imminent release is just mere hours from now. Nevertheless, the latest leaks will most likely either result in an increase or a decrease in popularity of the new device.

Someone had released the iOS 11 GM during the weekend and developers were able to un-earth the answers to a few lingering questions about the new iPhone such as the naming scheme. Firstly, the OLED edition of the iPhone to be released will be called the iPhone X and the revamped iPhone 7 editions will be called the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus respectively. Seems like Apple will be ditching the “s” badge this time around. There is also better understanding now, of what will come packing inside the new iPhones as well.

An update for the iOS 11 software showed that the iPhone’s code name was D22. As far as specs are confirmed, the report does indicate that the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus will both feature. The rear camera of the iPhone X is also said to be 12MP snapper, paired with a front-facing 7MP camera. As expected, the phone will also feature the all-powerful and all-new A11 processor. The iOS leak also spoke about other devices apart from the iPhone, hinting that there would also be a new pair of AirPods and also a new Smartwatch. It will also hold no surprise for fans, based on the dummy model released earlier last month, Apple will be removing the Home button from the iPhone X to make space for the bezel-less screen up front.

Wired had also come across a few interesting features of the new iPhone X as well like the mechanics of the facial recognition which will use the phone’s depth sensor other than just simple facial recognition abilities. Apple will also be releasing new animated emoji that will involve using the user’s facial characteristics as well, making for a more personalized application of the feature. Another feature mentioned in the leak was “Portrait Lighting” that would supposedly allow the phone to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second.

With just a day left, Apple will be showcasing exactly how much of the hype surrounding the next iPhone will be worth, and the world will be keeping its eyes peeled at the final product.