iPhone 8 rumor roundup: Pricing, specs and availability

iPhone 8 rumor roundup: Pricing, specs and availability

In just over a week now, the most talked about smartphone this year, is going to be made official. With rumors and speculations having been pouring in over the last few days regarding the phone’s internals, camera and name, there is little information left for fans to ponder over what the new iPhone 8 will eventually be. Here is a roundup of the iPhone 8 rumors so far.

The Name

Recently, rumours have been floating around regarding what the new iPhone 8 will be named, while some might have thought it may simply be called the iPhone 8, others argue that being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple may call it the iPhone X, but that would go against the naming tradition. Another name that has been doing to rounds is the ‘iPhone Edition’ that will be launched alongside the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus.


The iPhone 8 is said to come at an entry-level price of $999 which will sport 64GB plus tax. The 256GB variant will come in at $1099. There will also be a 512GB variant that will set buyers back by $1199. While the prices are exorbitant, they should not come as a surprise. The company has maintained the $100 distinction between storage options, but in terms of value, the 512GB provides the most bang for buyers’ hard-earned bucks.


The most sought-after details of the iPhone 8 are its specs, which has so far been speculated to be a composition of a 5.8-inch 2.5D OLED edge to edge display, an all-glass construction, wireless charging, the Apple A11 chip, that will supposedly pass the A10 found on the iPad Pro, for the first time a fingerprint sensor placed on the rear of the phone, improved Siri with P2P payments, facial recognition, dual vertical cameras on the rear and LTE speeds as fast as 450Mbps. There are also reports that claim added functionality to activate Siri, such as holding the power button down for bringing up the phone’s AI for a quick command.


Although the iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12, it will not be sold on the same date. Reports indicate that the phone will be made available to buy only in limited quantities by the end of the fourth quarter. The phone might eventually be made available only in the first quarter of 2018. The company has been having troubles with manufacturing. One of the more prevailing bits of information is that the phone will be available starting September 15 and will start shipping on September 22.