Acer’s new Nougat powered Holo360 camera with LTE connectivity

Acer’s new Nougat powered Holo360 camera with LTE connectivity

Acer might be considered one of the last tech companies to release a camera to the masses. So far, the company had released a slew of new tech at the IFA floor this year. With a powerful gaming desktop and a few new laptops for productivity and functionality. The company also released a brand new 360-degree camera that can serve a multitude of purposes.

The 360-degree camera was made for LTE connected devices and is called the Holo360. The all in one camera can be used to shoot, edit and share spherical 6.9K photos as well as 4K videos. The camera also has its own processor, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. This allows the device to stitch the images that it captures in real time. It also features a touch screen display of 3-inches to allow for editing photos without the need of a computer screen. The phone will also serve social media buffs by offering live streaming capabilities. It also runs Android Nougat to help with sharing and editing.

Despite it running Android Nougat and featuring LTE connectivity, the camera will not support voice calling. The optics of the camera are the main focus of the device which are ImerVision-certified. In terms of looks, it is a little chunkier than the competition on the market, but it is also more feature-heavy than them as well. As far quality and performance goes, that will be left up to real-world usage and review. What also makes the camera interesting is that the Holo360 is powered by Qualcomm’s Connected Camera Platform that was announced back in 2016 and was made solely to support image capturing on devices.

Acer did not only release the Holo360 camera, but had also released another camera that is meant to be used a car’s camera. Whenever some kind of accident takes place or any kind of motion is detected, the camera will automatically record the video and store it within the internal secure storage as well as on the cloud. The camera can also record when the car is simply parked, offering users a live feed onto their mobile phones. The Holo360 should be available in the month of November for $349 and will gradually make its away to the global market by the end of the year. It is not certain when the Vision360 will be made available nor is there any confirmation on the pricing.