Dell’s new $350 mixed reality headset will pave the way for AR and VR on Windows 10

Dell’s new $350 mixed reality headset will pave the way for AR and VR on Windows 10

Windows Mixed Reality applications is about to get a major addition in terms of support. Microsoft did hint at some upcoming tech that would widen the scope of applications that mixed reality is capable of. This will hopefully kickstart the first of many new prospects that the company has lined for the next year. With the Dell Visor mixed reality headset, users will now be able to take full advantage of the Windows 10 Creator’s update to create and experience content in VR and AR.

As Digital Trends puts it, mixed reality is an amalgamation of virtual reality where users can be exposed to a completely immersive digital world while at the same time, interact with grab-able applications and various 3D models that can be manipulated by the user. Bringing the best of virtual and augmented realities together, the kind of productive activities that can be applied are near endless. The hardware and software are still quite new, and while it will take time for buyers and developers, Dell’s start into this new platform shows how big names are getting themselves involved in the next big digital field.

The Dell Visor includes dual 1440×1440 resolution panels that will be able to provide a complete 360-degree experience on PCs. The Visor is an all-white device, but to keep the worries of buyers at bay, Dell has surrounded the surface with an anti-stain coating. There is also a flip-up “visor” so users will be able to flip their display and get to the real world when they need to. The first ever headset by Dell for Microsoft’s mixed reality platform will be available this October for a price of $350 and will come bundled with two controllers for $449.99. The company originally claimed that it was working on an MR headset back in May and promised a release by the end of the year. Dell is certainly keeping its promises.

Dell has done a good job of developing one of the first fully functional MR headsets that will be available right now, save for how much like an alien the user may look when he or she wears it. Dell will, however, be having some competition from the likes of Acer, Lenovo, Asus and HP, who will also be releasing their own MR headsets soon. The Dell Visor was released along with a slew of other products from the company, including the new Inspiron series models as well as a new XPS. While the age of VR and AR is here, it will still be expensive; for now. The Visor will start selling from October 17.