Samsung’s Fit2 Pro to feature more detailed bio-metrics scanning, may launch at the Note 8 launch event

Samsung is continuing its innovation for its wearable devices, and after having released active-wear such as the Fit2, they are rumored to be working on a new iteration called the Fit2 Pro, which could well be a brand new wearable device on its own by the company.

The kind of device that the Fit2 Pro will be is still up for debate. But the wearable will have a launch on August 23, which is the same time as the Note 8 will have its own launch. Thanks to serial leakster Evan Blasse, further details have been revealed about the new device. The ‘Pro’ addition to the Fit2 name does indicate that the wearable will have a slightly more advanced set of functions than the original. Like the Fit2, it is rumored to feature a curved AMOLED display and will retain Samsung’s well-polished Tizen OS for Android and iOS. The wearable is being marketed as being the best fitness tracker with built-in GPS.

Build of the wearable has also seen an improvement, with it now featuring a more resilient watch-style clasp that will last through even the most rigorous of workouts. It is water-resistant up to 5ATM. The activity tracker will be featuring a special swim-tracking app called the Speedo On app. It will also come with Spotify’s offline syncing to for users to take their favourite playlists with them. The wearable will also feature Under Armour’s sports app with a free one-year subscription.

Further reassurance that the ‘Pro’ suffix adds to the feature-set comes in the form of the new bio-processors that will track skin temperature, PPG monitoring, Galvanic Skin Response and body fat data. If all of these new monitoring methods do make their way onto the product, it will be one of the first devices to offer such detailed tracking.

Even if the Fit2 Pro is announced the same time as the Note 8, it will still go on sale in September. In terms of pricing, the old Fit2 came with a price-tag of $179.99 back in June of last year. It would be safe to assume that the Fit2 Pro will also be priced similarly, below the $200 mark. This fitness tracker may be called something else as well, since the official FCC listing names the device as the Samsung Gear Sport. But whether the watch will even be announced at the rumored date or later, is a matter of confirmation from Samsung.