LG V30 to feature f/1.6 aperture dual lens cameras, new TouchSense haptic tech

The LG V30 will be LG’s most powerful till date, based on the leaked specifications of the device and numerous speculations that hint at better specifications and also better optics. Compared to other offerings of the year, the V30 is said to come with a special set of dual-lens cameras that is unlike what we may have seen before.

Interestingly, the LG V30 will probably be featuring a set of dual cameras at the back which will have the widest aperture found on a phone. Sources have reported that this news comes directly from LG, which had announced that the phone’s rear optics will feature f/1.6 aperture that will allow 25% more light to reach the camera sensor when compared to other competitors’ smartphone lenses that come with an f/1.6 aperture. Better than OIS and other means, this camera will be able to produce much better low light shots than its counterparts when it releases. Another piece of information that the company has revealed is that the camera will be using glass instead of plastic for its camera lenses, meaning that the lenses will be able to collect light more effectively.

The Verge reports that the V30 will be the smallest V-series smartphone to date, in terms of footprint. It will have a 6-inch OLED display and will come with a 2:1 aspect ratio, similar to what was seen in the G6 earlier in the year. The phone’s screen will come with a resolution of 2,880×1,440 pixels. The phone will be made available on August 31 at the IFA in Berlin. LG has also made it so that there is significantly less distortion at 30% formed through its wide-angled lens camera that lessens the fish-eye effect when taking photos, especially if they are selfies. This time around, the company is claiming that even group selfies will be no problem to snap.

Apart from the optics and the improved image quality, the company has also focused on providing better response to the customers when they use the phone. Most notably, LG will be focusing on introducing to its customers, the TouchSense technology that the will provide high-definition haptic feedback. How it will work is that the phone will try to simulate real-world experiences on the user such as the gamers experiencing the G-force as they play a racing game or the percussions released from an explosion in a movie. Essentially, it sounds like there will be vibrating motor inside the device that will have more accurate definition and application compared to normal phones, to add depth and degree to the entertainment experience. All will be revealed, come the end of the month.