Google Pixel 2 news: Will feature dual-speaker, may ditch dual-camera setup and headphone jack

Google Pixel 2 news: Will feature dual-speaker, may ditch dual-camera setup and headphone jack

The Google Pixel 2 is about to release in the coming months and while Google has been making discounts for its first two Pixel devices, the company is hoping to gain traction on the interest that its Pixel devices have lost owing to stocking issues. Now that the stock has arrived and the offers are on, those hoping to get the best Android experience currently will be able to avail it. But some buyers holding off until the next Pixel arrives may want to reconsider, since the it might miss out on one crucial feature.

While the Google Pixel 2 is on its way to release, Google is planning on improving on a number of features that were missed out on the original Pixel phones. The Pixel 2 is speculated to feature better water resistance than the original, but the company might probably go the Apple way and completely eliminate the headphone jack, to the dismay of many buyers. While there may not have been any official confirmation about this fact, the word is spreading quite rapidly. Hopefully, Google does not go through with the decision.

The Verge recently uncovered some images that reveal the shape and size of what the Pixel will look like. According to the images, the phone looks more rectangular than the previous generation, while retaining the rounded corners of the body. The image also clearly shows the return of dual front-facing speakers, as seen on the Nexus 6P, which will be welcomed with open arms by fans. Having said that, the front of the phone will have much bigger bezels, owing to accommodating those two speakers. These images do hint at some hope that Google still has audio at its priority. However, it still does not confirm whether the company will nix the headphone jack or not.

Another feature that the Pixel 2 smartphones might not consider will be the addition of a dual-lens camera. Google might not follow the trend of dual-lens cameras that promise better portrait shots and more information from two sensors. A render of the Pixel 2 phones shows only a single camera sensor on the back of the phone, being a 12MP camera that claims to offer better low-light capabilities compared to last year’s Pixel XL. The smaller Pixel 2 phone will be manufactured by HTC, while the larger one will be manufactured by LG. Just like the HTC U11, the phone is also said to feature squeeze-sensitive frames that could activate certain apps or features of the phone. Whether it will be present on both variants is yet to be seen.

Another rumor circulating the internet is that the phones may feature the Snapdragon 836 instead of the 835 that has been on most flagships for this year so far. The 836 is said to come with a higher clock-speed configuration compared to the Snapdragon 835. Nevertheless, Google will be hoping to take on the likes of the Note 8, the iPhone 8 and the rest of the flagships released this year. In terms of software however, the Pixel will be sure to take top spot.