Samsung Galaxy S8 Active with military grade build available for pre-order

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active with military grade build available for pre-order

As can be expected from Samsung, like clock-work, the company has just moved to release the Active variant of its Galaxy S8 line. As per tradition, the Galaxy S8 Active will be a rugged version of the S8 line that is mean to showcase the phone’s resilience towards the elements in a body that is strong and resistant to breakage.

The S8 Active will be going on pre-order tomorrow through AT&T, with the moniker, “toughest Galaxy smartphone yet” surrounding its name. The phone will reportedly feature military-grade screen that makes the phone shock resistant, shatter-resistant and water-proof as well. As per rental plan that the phone will be offered with through AT&T, the monthly cost will amount to $28.34 for 30 months which means that the phone’s total cost will be somewhere in the realm of $850. The phone does share similarities with its siblings on the inside, but the build and the look of the phone is not as sleek or light as the S8 and the S8+.

One of the biggest differences that buyers will immediately notice, will be the lack of the infinity display, which has been the most iconic feature of the S8 line. The reason behind ditching the display was to prevent the cracking of the display should the phone fall. The infinity display has been known to be prone to cracking in the display when dropped, so it is only logical that the S8 Active, being the more rugged of the lot, take the safer step and exclude the feature. Instead, the Active sports the round-edged 5.8-inch QHD AMOLED screen but boxed inside thick bezels for safety. The entire device is cased in a rugged bumper and the back also ditches a glass case for a harder textured surface. Despite this all, the company has still managed to keep the highly criticized Bixby button. Samsung will force users to adopt the AI function whether they like it or not, apparently.

The phone will feature all the same apps and utilities as the regular Samsung Galaxy S8, but will also include some additional ones, such as the Activity Zone app which comes with a stopwatch, barometer, compass and flashlight. Performance is handled by the same Snapdragon 835 with 4GB of RAM and internal storage of 64GB. The battery also has been given a boost compared to its siblings, now coming with a 4,000mAh unit. The phone can reportedly withstand drops from 5 feet high. All in all, the phone is a worthy successor to past Active variants of the Galaxy S line and should make for a great rugged device for rough use.