Samsung is working on a new wearable with smaller body, thinner strap

The rumors were right. Samsung has been working on a new wearable device. Though Samsung confirmed the news, it has not divulged details into the name or core features.

According to SamMobile report, information shared by Samsung suggests that it will be a fitness tracker-smartwatch hybrid. So that rules out the possibility of a Gear S4, which was thought to be the unannounced device.

Details on the wearable was revealed by Samsung in a survey to members of its SmartLab Plus program. “The new product concept takes the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2,” the email reportedly stated.

It further goes on indicate that the product will be in the form of a smartwatch and will offer maximum comfort with a smaller body and thinner watch strap. Interestingly, the watch strap will also be replaceable allowing buyers customize to the their preference.

As is the trend, the wearable will be water-resistant. Samsung says it can withstand water to the point where it is swimproof. The email further states the smartwatch will offer “all-round fitness for everyone from beginners to experts; activity tracking; weight/calorie management; active sports and coaching”.

The product will apparently run a revised user interface that will allow users to take advantage of improved widgets with glanceable information. While we can put the rumors at rest on whether Samsung has a new wearable coming, we cant yet ascertain the name or release. Let’s hope soon it will be available for the public soon.