Apple prematurely releases code that uncovers iPhone 8 design and security features

Apple prematurely releases code that uncovers iPhone 8 design and security features

Now that almost everything is certain about the iPhone 8 and how it will look, there has been another reassurance of the internet’s beliefs of the new iPhone 8 from the company itself, which has accidentally revealed the iPhone design in one of its firmware files.

According to a report from The Next Web, a developer had found an icon that looked exactly like the suspected design for the iPhone 8 and it was hidden deep inside the firmware files of Apple’s new HomePod speaker that is scheduled to release later in the year. The icon had been among the Apple Pay files and is codenamed ‘D22’. What it means for the iPhone 8 to be included into the firmware files could mean that the HomePod may recognize the iPhone 8 once it has been connected to the device for recognition perhaps, as is the case with other device that can detect certain smartphone models as well. Whether Apple engineers did willingly or accidentally keep the file in there is yet to be known.

The code uncovered also indicates that Apple will be replacing the traditional Touch ID that is generally within the Home button with an all-screen design as well as a “Face ID” infrared scanner that will be able to unlock the phone with facial recognition software. The firmware code was released for developers early in order to start development for the HomePod speaker. Additionally, the phone could also possibly feature wireless charging as well. Much of the uncovered information from the code falls in line with the speculation made in the past few months regarding the iPhone 8’s screen and facial unlocking.

While the iPhone 8 may release next month, it will not be widely available well until Christmas. Apple has placed its security features such as phone unlocking under a special kit in its firmware known as BiometricKit, that is meant for developers to access and use. As far as the icon is concerned, it may be a representation of any generic phone and not just the iPhone 8. If that were the case, then developers may have also been able to uncover different icons for different models of the iPhone. But seeing as this particular icon seems to hold well with the basic look of the iPhone 8, it cannot be discounted as being just a generic set-piece just yet.