iPhone 8 rumor roundup: Powerful A11 chip and design confirmation

iPhone 8 rumor roundup: Powerful A11 chip and design confirmation

Android users may want to look away from this article, since it will discuss newly leaked information regarding the power of the new iPhone 8 and its superior hardware performance, which is leaving Android flagships in its dust. It was only recently that an Android-powered smartphone was able to out-run the year-old iPhone 7 and now, Apple seems to have returned to show exactly who rules the performance spectrum.

A leaker, who goes by the name of ‘Ice Universe’ online through Weibo and posts through Twitter as well, had divulged some information regarding Apple’s new A11 chip and its clock-speed, which will supposedly be clocked at 3GHz. This particular piece of information is crucial, as Apple has never been one to maximize its power on its hardware, always being efficient even with lower clock-speed values and lower number of cores. This number indicates that perhaps Apple may be packing some serious processing power in its new chip, if it has to be this high.

The leakster also mentioned that the processor will use something called Heterogeneous Multi-processing (HMP) which allows for all of the physical processor cores to work simultaneously. In fact, he also followed up with a tweet that showcased the benchmarks of the chip on Geekbench 4. In the test, the chip scored 4600/8500 and 4300/7000 in single/multi-core tests.

These tests were said to have been taken at different clock-speeds with the finalised clock-speed pegged at being somewhere in between those numbers. The new chip may also be seen on the 7s and the 7s Plus. In comparison, the Galaxy S8’s score in Geekbench 4 is 1966/6502 for single/multi-core performance. Clearly, there is a clear winner here.

In other circulating rumors, an image that supposedly shows the iPhone 8’s manual packaging has a leaflet with a diagram featuring the SIM eject tool and the alleged iPhone 8. Based on the diagram of the phone in the leaflet, it can be seen that the phone resembles exactly what the earlier rumors have speculated, confirming that the phone will feature a screen that covers the front of the phone with very minimal bezels on all sides.

The aspect ratio of the screen will be 18:9. There is also doubt as to whether the photo submitted is actually authentic or just a Photoshopped copy, since usual leaflets that have come with past iPhone models showing the SIM eject tool with instructions look a bit different than the one pictured.

While there is slow production happening for the iPhone 8 and delays in release, the final expected launch of the iPhone 8 along with the 7s and the 7s Plus is set sometime around September. Whether the packaging seen here will be the same and whether the phone will truly be able to out-perform every other Android smartphone will be confirmed then. Until then, Android users can rest in peace.