Apple Watch 3: Everything we know so far

Apple Watch 3: Everything we know so far

The Apple Watch 2 was one of Apple’s biggest successes of last year. With the watch now being almost a year old, it’s that time of the year again when a new upgrade should take over. Here’s everything that there is to know about the upcoming Apple Watch series 3.

Improved specs

The newest Apple Watch will be more faster and come with even more features than the Watch series 2. The Apple Watch 2 had water-proofing, good battery and also GPS. The next iteration will out-do its predecessor by probably coming with its own stand-alone LTE connectivity option. Apart from that, other optimizations and additions could include a FaceTime camera, a Micro-LED display, a much lighter design, sleep tracking, monitoring of sugar levels and improved wireless-charging capabilities.


While the software on the Apple Watches have been nothing short of stellar in terms of performance and function, the fourth version of the software is also said to improve and add many elements about the OS. For example, the new OS is touted to feature a vertical dock, as well as a set of new watch-faces that will be used for separate activities and have their own unique functions depending on the usage of the watch at the moment. The OS will also feature a much smarter Siri and a new and improved Music app, perhaps with better iTunes support as well, now that it might get LTE connectivity on its own. Apple might want users to not have the need to remove their phones again with the watch on wrist, making everything just a glance away.


Judging by the history of Apple Watches over the last two years, the first watch was released on April and the second was released in September. It seems that the next Apple smart watch will most likely release sometime closer to last-year’s launch which may or may not coincide with the iPhone 8 launch as well this year. Additionally, the second half of the year is also known for many manufacturers to release their wearables as well.


Considering that the new watch will most probably feature additional tech within its casing such as the inclusion of LTE functionality as well as the possibility of a new FaceTime camera, the price should be more than what the previous iterations have been of late. The Watch 2 was sold for $369 and $399; $100 more than the first-generation Apple watch. Hence, it seems practical that the new-gen Apple watch will have a similar price difference as well, possibly approaching the $450-$500 price mark as well.