Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant to launch in the US next week?

While Samsung has been dominating the smartphone market with its biggest flagship yet – the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company has been struggling to keep up with its competitors in the race for AI integration. Bixby’s launch was not a complete success, since it is still unable properly communicate with users in English.

It had been circulating online that the Bixby AI will reportedly be released on July 18, which first surfaced on the popular forum Reddit. The leak was a link to a retail training webinar which had the subject “Bixby Voice Launch Tuesday 7/18.” While the existence of such a link does exist, it does not confirm the availability and the regions of release where Bixby will be appearing. There is no authentic evidence suggesting that the news is official as well.

The existing functionality of the Bixby is still quite limited and still does not quite work as a finished product just yet. For example, while the dedicated button that Samsung has added into their flagships works at activating Bixby, the wake-up phrase does not work as accurately. Even sending messages and posting captions for posts is possible through Bixby, but the AI cannot keep up well with the language and grammar syntax well enough to be accurate. The extent of Bixby’s knowledge is also is quite limited and unlike with the Google Assistant, users were able to ask questions directly to the AI and have them answered appropriately in simple language, Bixby is still not as smart yet.

One of the reasons why Bixby has been struggling with English of late, is the fact that there is very little data to learn from that is readily available for the AI to absorb. This can only be worked out by repeated usage and machine learning capabilities so that Bixby can take in more words and better understand what is happening around it. This will require more users to eventually use it, but since the current state of the AI is far from usable, that will take some time.

What has kept Samsung from officially releasing the Bixby AI officially in the US, is the lack of data, which the AI needs to grow smarter. This is what has caused the delay in the release of the AI earlier, to which Samsung had understandably explained that there needed to be further beta testing required. Considering that the new Galaxy Note 8 will be releasing very soon, it seems unlikely that Samsung will continue to delay the release of the AI assistant.