Rumor: Xiaomi X1 to be launched under Xiaomi sub-brand ‘Lanmi’

Rumor: Xiaomi X1 to be launched under Xiaomi sub-brand ‘Lanmi’

Xiaomi is known to have a couple of popular sub-brands under its banner such as the Mi and the Redmi brands for their smartphone devices. It seems like the company will be creating another sub-brand to add to their arsenal, which could be their third and a name may have already been decided upon.

The news comes from the popular Chinese social media site Weibo where it has been mentioned that the new sub-brand from Xiaomi could be called Lanmi. What will set Lanmi apart from its Redmi and Mi siblings is its sales strategy, where Lanmi will focus on offline and brick and mortar store sales as opposed to digital and online sales which is what the Mi and Redmi lines have been doing since their launch.

Considering the various sales strategies that Xiaomi has been following for its respective brands, such as the flash sale model for its Redmi Note 4, which has received huge popularity and demand, it seems that the company now wants to focus on a more hands-on approach to the ways their phones are being sold.

This particular sub-brand will be able to take on the likes of Vivo and Oppo, who respectively have a large share in the smartphone segment with regard to offline availability and sales. The word “Lanmi” means blue rice and its first ever device to come under the Lanmi banner will be the highly cited X1 smartphone, whose specifications have been making the rounds around the Internet. The X1 was originally through to be replacing the new Redmi Pro 2. The Lanmi X1 will be expected to launch two models with four variants of each of the models available, making a total of eight different models available to the public.

The news comes from a Chinese blogger who had shared the information on Weibo and so, the information reported should be taken with a grain of salt should official confirmation be made by the company itself. The Lanmi X1 will be powered by a Snapdragon 660 chipset along with a 5.5-inch display and a 2160x1080p resolution. It will also come with a dual camera at the back, featuring Sony sensors along with memory and storage options that range all the way up to 6GB and 128GB. Official word on the device and Xiaomi’s sub-brand will most probably make the rounds and clear the air once and for all.