Galaxy Note 8 release date: Samsung’s new phablet to release on August 23

Galaxy Note 8 release date: Samsung’s new phablet to release on August 23

With there being increasing hype over one of the most talked about smartphones in the world – the Note 8, there is finally some confirmation as to when it will finally be released by the company, based on numerous reports and confirmations.

According to CNet, a Samsung executive had confirmed to Korean news media that the phone will be released on August 23. It is known that this is the second official report that claims that the Note 8 will be launched in late-August. The media outlet that had shared the news was The Bell, which also added that the device would be available for purchase from early-September onwards. Even before this, the Korean Herald also similarly reported that a late-August launch was imminent, which means that the Note 8 will launch a little before the launch of the new iPhone this year, which could be a very tricky strategy at this point in time.

The Note 8 launch will happen at an event in New York and will have a larger screen than has been previously seen on Note devices. Of the various features that the phone will include, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner will also make its way to the final version of the phone along with Bixby, as well as a new S-Pen that is capable of translation functions. The Note 8 will also come with a dual-lens camera, making it the first smartphone by Samsung to feature the technology. While the reports to mention that the smartphone will be released late August, considering the numerous unforeseen delays already made by the company, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the launch of the Note 8 is again postponed to a later date.

Forbes, in its report, rationalizes the reason as to why Samsung would want to release the Note 8 later than its previous Note phones which have always been released in early August historically. Considering that the Note 7’s battery issues proved to be too costly for Samsung to fully recover from, it can be expected that the company is thus using this extra time in order to make sure that the same incident as with the Note 7 does not happen here again.

Nevertheless, it is likely that the eventual wait for the phone and its anticipation will lead to comparisons between the iPhone 8 and the new Note 8 later on in the year. With the two phones already going to be launched within weeks of each other, it will be a hectic month for the respective brands’ marketing teams to rake in the sales.