Leica TL2: Top 5 features of Leica’s newest portable mirrorless camera

Leica TL2: Top 5 features of Leica’s newest portable mirrorless camera

Leica has always been on-par with performance in terms of its portable cameras – the T series. With the convenience of a point-and-shoot and a few extra tricks up its sleeve, competitors will have a difficult time trying to convince customers why they shouldn’t buy the Leica TL2, with its many positives. Here are five new features that come with the TL2 that make it one of the best in the portable camera market for the price of $1950.

A brand-new sensor
The TL2 introduces the world to the new 24MP APS-C sensor. This will allow for the camera to use interchangeable lenses that range from 17mm to 200mm in focal length. Thanks to the new sensor, the ISO range is also able to go all the way up to 50,000. Coupled with the Maestro II image processor, the new Leica sensor will promise better color, contrast and dynamic range in the image.

It can snap!
The mirrorless camera has a much-improved auto-focusing system with speeds of up to 165 milliseconds. Its electronic silent shutter is fast too, going up to 1/40,000 and can also shoot at 20fps burst mode in electronic shutter mode and up to 7fps in mechanical shutter mode.

It shoots all kinds of videos too!
The camera supports 30fps 4K video, full HD video at 60fps or even 720p at 120fps for those slow capture shots. This makes for an easy interface for users to switch between modes and have all the different kinds of videos shot from the same device.

Speaking of interface…
The new TL2 also has a brand-new user interface for easy navigation that is redesigned from the original TL1 camera. What complements the new interface is the better display that is being used this time around that a 3.7-inch touchscreen LCD which the company claims is eight times more responsive than the camera’s predecessor. The LCD is firmly placed in the camera thanks to the ergonomic body that is made of a solid block of aluminium.

The camera has all the usual bells and whistles for a modern point-and-shoot such as Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB 3.0. The camera has native compatibility with TL-mount lenses and should the need for SL-mount lenses arise, users will be able to use an adapter to fix those lenses as well, which will be able to expand the extent of the TL2’s capabilities. The lenses also come in black and silver variants, much like the camera itself, making the design look neat and strong.