iPhone 8 rumors: Reflective mirror-like finish, starting price to be as high as $1,200

iPhone 8 rumors: Reflective mirror-like finish, starting price to be as high as $1,200

The rumors surrounding the new iPhone 8 that is expected to release this year are becoming wilder by the day, sparking interest and speculation all over the internet. The latest batch of rumors now deals with the color options and the pricing of the next iPhone.

A well-known leakster with sources within the company, claimed that the next iPhone would come with a mirror-like finish and three other color options. The leakster also tweeted an image of the what the phone may look like, using an existing photo of on older iPhone with a reflective mirror-like case. The other three colors that the iPhone 8 will supposedly come in will be Rose Gold, White and Black. Previously, rumors floated that the new iPhone would come in up to six different colors. The rumor appears a few days after it was found that the new under-display fingerprint scanner would not be developed in time for the iPhone 8 to come with it, which is also said to feature an OLED display. Another notable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that the new iPhone 8 will be the only phone on the market with the highest screen to body ratio when it launches.

Meanwhile, Mac Rumors reports that Apple will probably replace the Touch ID capability that was scrapped for a new facial recognition system as a security feature. This would be possible with the addition of new 3D sensors placed on the front-facing camera of the phone. Other notable features regarding the new iPhone 8 is that it will come with a new form of wireless charging, a faster A11 processor and a 5.8-inch display. In terms of release, the report indicates that a September release is highly likely, but as development has been seeing some delays, it is possible that Apple will extend their release date.

Another report from Apple Insider suggests that the new iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone ever made, unsurprisingly, since every other iPhone before it has been more expensive than their predecessors. Rumors indicate that the phone’s starting price could go as high as $1,000 or even $1,200. It has been speculated that the reason why Apple will be selling the iPhone 8 at such an exorbitant price is because the company will not be able to produce many units, and that to offset the availability, the iPhone 7s variants will be available at their conventional price-points.