The Maze Alpha is a bezel-less flagship at an entry-level cost

The Essential phone is not the only hot new product in the market to make waves. Another newly announced phone-maker is also paving the way to create something just as revolutionary, but keeping the budget conscious in mind. That new phone-maker is Maze, with the entry of their first smartphone, the Alpha.

Alpha’s most unique selling point is its bezel-less screen, which has only been seen among a handful of phones lately. Maze is going to offer the same bleeding edge design tech on a piece hardware that will cost a fraction of what most flagships today will charge for such specs. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was a concept in this direction but the Maze makes a smartphone that truly has a bezel-less 1080p display. Since the Alpha is meant to be budget-oriented phone, it will feature a little lower in terms of processor and performance when compared to current benchmarks set by the likes of Samsung and LG, but the overall package does make for convincing deal.

The smartphone will cost $179.99 for those who pre-order the device and from June 30 onwards, the cost of the device will be $219.99. Being the most affordable bezel-less smartphone in the market, the device will feature MediaTek’s powerful processor – the MediaTekHelio P25 Octo-core chipset clocked at 2.5GHz. There are also configuration options for memory and storage, with the company offering either a 4GB and 64GB setup, or a 6GB and 128GB configuration. The decent hardware should do well to keep up with the premium mid-range handsets on offer in terms of the competition. What’s more, is there is also a microSD card slot for adding a lot more storage to boot.

Also, the phone will come with rear dual-lens camera setup which is 13MP + 5MP combination and a front-facing 5MP camera. There is a USB Type-C connector and Android 7.0 Nougat is part of the software package. Powering the device is the massive 4,000 mAh battery along with support for fast-charging enabled. For the price on offer, the specifications are mouth-watering. When the phone does officially announce, it will cause quite a stir in the community, as such cheap price will gain the company plenty of fans, most notably in the developing countries.

For a little more insight into the company, the Maze team consists of more than 850 employees and a research team that comprises more than 80 people. The company is part of a much larger corporation based in China, hence there is a lot of muscle behind the phone’s upbringing.