Canon 6D Mark II will feature a brand-new 26MP sensor, with new articulate LCD display

Canon’s brand-new 6D Mark II camera is about to be unveiled in the coming weeks, with a number of new updates and features that are supposed to take the next step in the series’ evolution since the previous iteration. The changes, while not prominent on the outside, much like any other Canon camera, lie in the lenses and the image processing.

The Canon 6D Mark II could be announced in July 2017 (file photo)

According to Peta Pixel, the camera is said to feature a new 26MP sensor. The original 6D offered a sensor that was 20.0 MP, allowing for much larger images and more information to be recorded onto the image. While the original 6D offered crisp full-frame images, the Mark II will have a dedicated lens, keeping with the 6D that also has a dedicated 20MP sensor.

The new 6D Mark II will also be Canon’s first full-frame camera to sport an articulating LCD screen called the Vari-Angle LCD. This addition could make the camera a lot more appealing to buyers than before as having fixed LCD screens often come in the way of taking the perfect angled shot. The downside to having a movable display, however, is that areas of weakness are exposed and cause the display to be damaged or having the moving mechanism broken during rough use. While the feature has been present in the company’s lower-end offerings, having a screen like this will provide for better quality and more up-close imagery that was once not possible. Even existing 6D owners might have a reason to upgrade as well.

Sensor and the screen are not the only changes that are coming to the new model however. The body of the camera is said to be a little deeper than the original, making it better to handle. The company will also offer a new battery grip for the snapper and connectivity options are also present such as WiFi and Bluetooth that will allow for easy sharing between users’ phones, tablets and notebooks. Canon will be releasing the camera along with the Rebel SL2 as well as a new lens – the EF 85mm f/1.4L IS lens – later in July this year. The company will make the new 6D camera available for sale during the month of August following the release date.

The 6D Mark II, with its new sensor and the new screen, should gain a significant advantage over its direct competitors since this class of cameras is known to be fairly old-school and traditional. With this move, Nikon’s full-frame cameras will probably have an update in tow soon as well. The new 6D Mark II will be released on June 29.