Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the best phones in the market: Consumer Reports

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are enjoying their time in the sun, as Consumer Reports have ranked the duo first and second respectively, making them the best cameras of the year, so far.

The two new flagship phones by Samsung are so good, that they have effectively pushed last year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 edge down to third place, making Samsung the sole leader in the first, second and third places for making the best smartphones according to consumers. Some of the reasons why this may be, is because their pre-order numbers have been unmatched and almost every review resonates with great things about the phones. Following the three Samsung phones in fourth position according to the Consumer Reports publication is the LG G6. Quite surprisingly, the iPhone 7 Plus follows just behind in fifth position.

Among the reasons cited by Consumer Reports, the battery life, display and the camera performance were the main positive features of the phones. They had acknowledged the rigidity of the phones as they were able to survive drops, being thrown into a pressurized tank with water and also mentioned that despite the iPhone 7 Plus having a dual-camera setup, the Samsung flagships did not seem to be at a loss despite. With Samsung leading the pack again this year with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the company is on a hat-trick. Despite the loss in faith with the Note 7’s untimely meltdown, the company was still able to deliver great products, almost making people forget about the Note 7.

While Consumer Reports did praise the phones, they were still open to seeing the few flaws around it, such as the awkward placing of the fingerprint sensors on the back of the phones, which gave testers a hard time trying to locate it and found themselves poking at the camera sensor instead, thereby smudging it. No matter how inconvenient the placement of the fingerprint sensor is, it has not deterred the phones from taking the number one spot on the list. Such results are adding pressure to the iPhone, which is constantly being monitored and pressed by consumers and reviewers alike to provide for something more compelling. Apple will need to provide buyers with proper reasoning features with the introduction of their new phones this year if they want to make a better impression.