Arsenal is a camera add-on to capture perfect images, using AI

Photographers now will be able to get every shot just right, thanks to Arsenal’s new camera add-on, that uses AI to decipher the correct setting to be applied for each shot. The device became so popular in its Kickstarter campaign, that it has already reached its funding goal of $50,000 in just nine hours and has crossed over $300,000 now.

The device connects to the camera’s USB and then, using WiFi, connects to the user’s phone in order to communicate and transfer information and photos. Users will still have control over their camera and will also be given a preview of the image through their phone screens. Users will get to set ISOs, set the shutter speed and even press the shutter, all through the app. One of the biggest USPs of the device, however, is its ability to choose the right settings through algorithms.

Geeky Gadgets reports about the Arsenal, that its AI is trained with analyzing thousands of different photos. Using its knowledge and machine learning, the AI will then fine tune those settings in order to match 18 different environmental factors with the end result showcasing the perfect shot. With the Arsenal, the user can still control the camera from up to 100 feet away from the camera. It also works with mirrored and mirrorless cameras. There are also advanced techniques that the Arsenal can perform such as helping the user capture HDR images and merge them, have them stitched for a panoramic scene and even export them as RAW or JPG formats, eliminating the post-production process.

The Arsenal, being the world’s first AI photography assistant, will also be able to detect vibration, and using its built-in accelerometer will be able to calculate the minimum shutter speed required to compensate for the vibration and the lens’s focal length. Arsenal pulls all of its information from the camera’s own sensor and also features a database for lens sharpness so that users can modify the sharpest aperture of their specific lenses.

It is no surprise, that with features like this, the Arsenal has easily met its goal, considering the photography community’s qualms with image-capturing. The Arsenal could be the perfect companion for getting any kind of shot, despite the environment and the manual restrictions that traditional photography generally consists of. Those who still can pledge on the campaign, if they do pledge for $150, will be able to get the 40% off on the original price of the camera. The device will then be delivered as early as January 2018.