PolarPro offers Instagram-like filter pre-sets for drone-made videos

PolarPro is known for their various video editing filters that make videos look cinematic and more professional. While the trend is now moving towards creating drone-based films, the company has released some filters that are made for aerial videos shot from drones and the results are amazing.

According to Digital Trends, the  Aurora proprietary filters designed solely for drone videography are meant to be implemented on the D-Log video which is the same as the RAW format of an image, but in video form. This way, all the information can be converted and used for the bests possible quality output. In total, PolarPro have come up with 12 quality cinematic filters that each of unique color pre-sets. There are two variations of each, with one variation meant for DJI’s Mavic Pro and the other for the Phantom Pro 4. There will be more compatible variants launched in the future for more camera models as well.

These pre-sets can be used in a variety of editing programs such as Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut X and Da Vinci Resolve. The Pre-set colors can be enhanced and adjusted to offer more color or change the tones of the image form warm to cool and so on. For example, the Deep pre-set offers more saturation and darker blacks and shadows. The Classic pre-set offers a more Hollywood kind of approach that consists of pastel colors. Elektra, on the other hand, offers a pop of color everywhere with a subtle addition of Purity sticks to maintain the color balance. There are also pre-sets that can be also used for experimentation such as the Morpheus and Knight that use the green and blue spectrum to create suitable moods for the video.

Each of these filters works the same way that Instagram does – with a single tap. Users will be able to blend the footage of videos form different drones as well, offering a more support to their D-Log variants. Essentially, these filters not only offer different variations and looks for videos, but also make the editing process a lot simpler for videographers to manage with. The cinematic color pre-sets will be on sale for a price of $30 for the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro, both sold separately. For other drone enthusiasts, they will just have to wait until the company can expand its calibration on the proprietary D-Log formats.