Samsung’s Chromebook Pro spotted on Amazon for pre-order at $550

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro spotted on Amazon for pre-order at $550The Chromebook Pro was supposed to go on sale last month (file photo)

The Samsung Chromebook Pro launch might be happening later than the company first claimed it would, and finally, the Chromebook has become available for pre-order in a new colour finish.

According to The Verge, the Chromebook Pro was found listed on Amazon for $549.99 for pre-order with a release pinned on the 28th of May, which is a month later than what Samsung had first promised. This is probably in order to squish the bugs that prevailed when operating Android apps through Chrome OS, since the beta usage of the Chromebook was quite troublesome. While Google I/O will be happening this Wednesday, whether those bugs have been squished yet will remain to be confirmed until then.

The new Chromebook will be one of the most awaited as Samsung is using high-spec’d internals in order to keep the device relevant, adding an Intel Core m3 CPU that is both powerful and power-efficient along with a high-resolution 2400×1600 12.3-inch touch screen, paired with a 360-degree foldable design. The Chromebook will also come with a Wacom-powered stylus, making its productivity compatibility virtually unmatched.

There are still doubts as to whether Samsung will be able to bring together the marriage of Android apps with Chrome OS, since the version of Chrome OS – Chrome OS 59 will only be coming out during the middle of the June, there might be some compatibility issues remaining even when the device does get released. Since Chromebook is facing heat from Windows OS being more educationally-oriented, the platform will have to do its best as to not make any mistakes.

There are also reports that Chromebook Pro by Samsung will come with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. While the Pro will be the flagship Chromebook by Samsung, there has not been any word of its less-spec’d sibling, the Chromebook Plus. Samsung have not officially revealed any further details regarding the Chromebooks, bringing much anticipation by the general fan-base. For now, the only issue regarding the Chromebook is its Android apps compatibility. If Google can get this function of the popular OS right, then it will potentially be able to score well in the eyes of the education-oriented markets, along with the casual productivity user.

At $550, the Chromebook Pro stands out as an attractive offer, but will have to prove its mettle against the competition.