Release of new iPad Pro 2017 edition as soon as June this year?

Release of new iPad Pro 2017 edition as soon as June this year?10.5-inch iPad Pro could be coming next month (file photo)

The new iPad Pro 2 might be releasing as soon as next month, according to an image released online. While there were rumors surrounding the release of the device sometime this year, this new development provides even more evidence towards the inevitable release.

According to Trusted Reviews, Apple will reportedly be launching a 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro 2. The release date was indicated to have been found via a reseller’s stock system, which does not mention the device itself, but instead mentions a case that will be arriving sometime in June. The case will be of three different colours, Black/Silver, Cobalt/Silver and Magma/Silver. With June being the release date for the cases, it would seem like we are in for a release of the new iPad flagship sometime in the coming weeks.

It seems like the new iPad will supposedly carry its 10.5-inch screen on the same dimensions of the body as seen on the iPad Pro, by shrinking the bezels. It has been speculated that the iPad Pro 2 will look a lot like the iPhone 8 by having barely any bezels on the display. Based on leaks, it was hinted that Apple might be removing the physical home key as well and have the fingerprint sensor and home key built into the display like in the Galaxy S8 and the upcoming new iPhone 8 as speculated.

While the iPad Pro 2 will be the second generation of the tablet, it will not necessary carry that name, but will instead use the moniker, iPad Pro 2017. Considering the dates and the timelines leaked, it would seem appropriate to assume that the new iPad Pro will release during the WWDC, which is going to be happening on June 5. It has been rumored as well, that Apple’s proprietary Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse will somehow be added to the Pro line of tablets soon, meaning that Apple would be looking to make the iPad Pro a laptop replacement. In order for it to that, it would need to handle more multi-tasking, and that is dependent on the features found in the new iOS 11 which is expected to arrive in the Fall.

It is also expected that Apple will be releasing three variants of the iPad Pro this year and that 3D touch will make its way from the iPhone to the iPad this time around. While all of this is mere speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems almost imminent that Apple is looking to release a new iPad Pro soon. Considering that the iPad is the only preferred tablet in the market, with the Android offerings promising very little in terms of performance, will Apple truly extend its uses in the tablet market and transition towards replacing laptops? That’s a question to leave for when the device officially releases.