LG X Power2 is big on battery, low on specs

LG, during its showcase at the MWC 2017 earlier this year, had shown off their now current flagship and a host of other not-so-flagship smartphones. Among them was the highly appealing X Power2, which has now been made available by the company. Although the phone does not stand out in terms of specifications, one feature of the phone is sure to make it appealing.

The biggest feature of the X Power2 phone is its massive 4,500mAh battery that will easily last for more than a day’s worth of use. The device is now available for purchase as LG has already shipped the phone to many markets around the world, with the first market to experience the might of the X Power2 being the US market this month. The phone is also going to be made available in Latin America, Europe and Asia soon after.

LG X Power2 is a successor to LG X Power

According to the company, the phone will have the capability for its users to watch up to 18 hours of videos at a stretch, browse the web for 19 hours or even continuously stay online on-call with friends and family for up to 26 hours. While the phone will see its presence felt in numerous markets around the world, their respective release dates will be announced shortly.

The phone’s internals are modest at best, packing a MediaTek Octa-core chipset as well as a 5.5-inch HD display along with 2GB RAM, LTE capability, 16GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB and 13MP camera on the rear with a 5MP camera on the front of the device. The phone will also have a variant which will pack about 1.5GB of RAM. The cameras also have unique tricks, such as Auto Shot, which can automatically snap a shot once the face is detected, while another feature, known as Gesture Shot, allows for users to a take a picture with just a hand gesture. The phone will be running Android Nougat when it releases and will come in the colours of black, gold and blue as well.

The device is not meant to turn heads, but it will make sure that the battery percentage does not turn down. Following on the footsteps of the original X Power was easy for LG, since they just needed to adapt to the same formula. Unfortunately, the meagre specifications will probably be a deal-breaker for the crowd, with the Moto G being one of the best options in the mid-range segment right now.