OnePlus 5 to carry a price tag of $449? Retailer lists phone with specs

For the last few weeks rumor mills were abuzz with features to come on OnePlus 5. By now, the world knows what to expect on the upcoming Android device. The question of price, however continued to be a mystery. But not after today.

(credit: Oppomart)

A third-party retailer of Chinese smartphones has listed the phone on its website for $449. According to the listing, spotted on Oppomart, the device will ship starting June 2017. The listing was accompanied by pictures that showed the rear panel with dual camera setup.

OnePlus 5 has been constantly the subject of leaks and discussions online, particularly on Weibo. Earlier this week, a new leak indicated that the phone will come with a 3400 mAh battery, bigger than the one seen on OnePlus 3T.

On the display front, it will be a 5.5-inch screen. There will be a fingerprint sensor placed right below that as well. If the rumors are to be believed, the OnePlus 5 will feature a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. There could also be possibility for two variants, with the other being of 8GB RAM.

It will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor Snapdragon 835, the same seen on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8. The processor will be paired with Adreno 540 GPU. As for the operating system, OnePlus 5 will run Android Noigat based Oxygen OS.

An interesting point to note with the Oppomart listing is the optics that is expected to the come on the phone. Earlier, it was rumored to be of 23MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera. But the Oppomart listing rejects that claim and mentions the sensors to be of 12MP dual camera setup (standard RGB + monochrome). There will be an 8MP frontshooter for selfies too.

OnePlus 5 is the successor to the powerful OnePlus 3T. The company is skipping the OnePlus 4 name for reasons never explained. OnePlus 5 will likely be unveiled in June.