iOS 11 rumored features: Automator app, iMessage integration and better battery life

iOS 11 rumored features: Automator app, iMessage integration and better battery lifeNew leaks on iOS 11 surface online (file photo)

The new iOS 11 is about to make it appearance at the WWDC 2017 event in June but much before it happens, numerous leaks and speculations regarding the features of Apple’s latest mobile OS have emerged, but fans having much to contemplate about.

According to a report by Trusted Reviews, the iPhone, after it is updated to iOS 11, along with other iDevices, will be automatically put into low-battery mode if the battery level falls below 20 percent. This will cut down on the number of active applications running in the background in order to prolong the life of the battery. The low power mode is also supposedly “intelligent”, using contexts such as location and usage so that it can optimize when to turn the feature on.

The leaks were brought about by Reddit user Cyanhat, who had also leaked that the new OS will feature a new Pay App extension on iMessage that will allow for users to send cash via a text message. There are also speculations on the arrival of FaceTime Audio calls, becoming the default calling option for iOS users.

Another report points out that iOS will also integrate a new app into its eco-system called Automator. It will be the result of the company’s acquisition of Workflow, which is meant to be a new productivity tool. The Automator app will also be accessible via macOS. It has also been rumored that the new Apple Music found in iOS 11 will be more video-oriented.

The Automator app might be the unifying link between all of Apple’s devices with a streamlined flow of thought. The app will also soon replace the app of the same name on the macOS. Regarding the new Wallet app, Cyanhat did mention that there will not be a social feed integrated into the app, which is similar to Venmo. How Apple will be using this feature will be interesting to see.

With regard to the extension of new features, the rumors seem to make it apparent that Apple is doing some minor changes to its operating system. Not in terms of interface, but more in terms of features. So far, there has not been any rumor regarding optimization, customization, availability of true multi-tasking, being able to change the icons around the home screen and other simple tweaks that would make the OS a lot more tolerable. If iOS 11 can only now come up with a battery-saver mode with features that Android already had well over a couple years ago, then it’s about time that Apple users considered establishing the rationale of the Apple product right about now.

All of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt however, since these are rumors at best, and although Apple has promised some big changes, let’s hope that at least a few of Apple’s fans’ biggest prayers are finally answered.