Gigabyte’s new Aero 15 is a monster laptop: Here are 5 stand out features

The number of budget gaming laptops sprouting since the start of the year has been growing at an alarming rate. Thanks to the 10 series GTX GPUs, gaming has become a lot more accessible and a lot more powerful. The Gigabyte Aero15 laptop is a testament to that fact. Here are 5 features that will make buying one of these, a lot easier.

1) It is well-endowed
The Aero15, will come with Intel’s 7th generation quad-core Core i7 processor that runs at 2.8GHz, with up to 8GB of RAM and two PCIe SSDs. There are plenty of USB ports on the offerings as well, making the laptop very convenient. It comes with the capable GTX 1060 GPU, making the laptop, like the Razer Blade, VR-Ready.

2) It’s got a beautiful screen
The screen looks like the one from Dell’s new XPS line, and it works well in this particular make. Although the camera is positioned towards the bottom, it will be a very small price to pay for that nearly seamless, bezel-less display experience. Adding to that experience is the company’s color-graded monitor which makes colors accurate for editing as well as gaming. Using the X-Rite Pantone color grading, this remains to be one of the primary USPs of the device. While the monitors are only available in HD variants right now, there will be a 4K monitor also made available in the months to come.

3) It’s got a big battery
With a 94-watt-hour battery, the company claims that the laptop can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. For a gaming laptop, that is quite a claim to make. Even the charger is convenient, as it has its own USB charging port that emits 10-watt charging through USB Type-A.

4) The keyboard is a treat
Gigabyte even went a step ahead of the crowd and allowed for per-key lighting that also provides fairly good output in terms of brightness. The only other known laptop maker that has such prowess over its keyboards is Razer. Considering it also comes with a numeric keypad, it will be great for the productivity users as well. Gigabyte is watching out for all the college demographic indeed.

5) It’s priced very competitively
The Gigabyte starts at $899 and considering the ready specification that the laptop boasts, it will easily outdo the Razer and Acer’s, as well as Dell’s cheapest gaming solutions out there. The differences in price will extend more towards the storage capacities and memory more than anything else, making the laptop one of the cheapest gaming laptops available right now.

The looks of the laptop are also kept flush and sophisticated. Although it is a gaming laptop, the company wanted to ensure that anyone can use it. No one would guess that a laptop like this would cost less than $1000. The laptop is also one of the thinnest gaming PC solutions available right now, weighing just about 2.25Kg and being about 19mm thin. With a display that is color accurate for the editors and the specs that will wow gamers, not to forget the productivity and practicality of the machine’s build and finish that will impress even the finickiest of laptop users, the Aero15 is currently one of the best gaming laptops money can buy.