OtterBox and Mophie team up to create wireless charging-enabled iPhone cases

OtterBox and Mophie have partnered up to every iPhone user’s delight to bring some of the most innovative cases on the market as well as compatible charging solutions to boot.

The uniVERSE ecosystem is extended with a variety of accessories for charging and mounting

Mophie, one of the world’s most popular battery brands for smartphones is teaming up with OtterBox, the authority on phone-cases for iPhones and building their own Universe, as the two companies would claim. This means that wireless charging within a case is now a possibility. Thanks to OtterBox’s ability to turn a phone into a super-phone, its Universe cases provide expandable memory, a bigger battery pack, speakers and much more that lies on a rail hidden beneath a cover, all tucked in. Not only does it offer all these features for the phone, it is also impressively durable being able to withstand drops and bumps from respectable heights, thanks to OtterBox’s Drop+ Protection system.

Mophie’s contribution to this universe is its plethora of wireless charging units that will be compatible with the OtterBox Universe cases. For $70, Mophie offers a charge force pack with a 2,500mAh capacity low-profile battery. For $50, there is also the Mophie case that offers Qi charging to the iPhone when attached and can work in tandem with Mophie’s other $50 offering, the weighted charge force wireless charging bass. There is also a $60 charge force vent mount that can be fastened to a car’s air vents. For the same price, there is also a mount for the desk or table-top landscapes too.

Right now, there are special discounts on offer when a buyer visits OtterBox’s website for a case and purchases a Mophie accessory too. The charge force battery and the adapter for the iPhone Universe Case System are both available at The Universe Case System by OtterBox will be available in two colours – black and white and will also be compatible with accessories from Square, Polar Pro, Seek Thermal Goal Zero as well as Olloclip. The price range begins at $20 for the Slim Wallet by Polar Pro and all the way up to $300 for Seek’s thermal imagining camera sensor.

The iPhone inherently does not have wireless charging built-in, which is why these case-manufacturers have to go through all the trouble to make it possible. Considering the next iPhone may probably come with wireless charging, it will be interesting to see how OtterBox will be alter its innovation to still include more features while maintaining a slimmer profile next time around.