Lenovo Flex 11: ChromeOS, 4GB RAM, quad-core processor and Android apps at sweet price of $279

Lenovo Flex 11: ChromeOS, 4GB RAM, quad-core processor and Android apps at sweet price of $279The Flex 11 was officially announced as a 2-in-1 Chromebook (Lenovo)

Since Chrome OS’ latest update to allow for running Android apps directly on the platform, a lot of manufacturers have been more forward in getting their hands dirty and creating new Chromebooks that can do more than just boot and edit docs. Opening Android applications gives users another good reason to buy a Chromebook, and now Lenovo has joined the fray with their latest offering that is part of their Flex line-up.

The convertible, which previously supported Windows, now comes in the guise of a Chromebook. As mentioned by PC World, the laptop convertible will cost $279 and will feature a 360-degree hinge for converting the laptop into a touchscreen interface, perfect for interacting with those Android apps. Playing Subway Surfers will be a joy!

Because Android has been designed for tablets, this means that just like Lenovo, many other manufacturers will want to make touch-screen enabled laptops. It’s a good thing that Lenovo was one of the first to introduce it though, especially at this price-point. Lenovo have also managed to make this device extremely durable. It can be dropped from up to 2.4 feet and not have a scratch on it. All of the ports as well as the touch pad are sealed so that there is no chance of water entering, safe-guarding it spills.

On the specifications front, the Flex 11 comes with a 11.6-inch touchscreen and a 2.1GHz quad-core ARM processor. At this price-point, the Flex offers some seriously good internals with a 4GB RAM configuration and 32GB of storage space. In terms of ports and expandability, the laptop comes with 10 hours of guaranteed battery-life, USB Type-C, a regular USB port as well, HDMI and an SD Card for expandable storage. Again, at a price point like this, we see this device overtaking tablets quite easily.

The device will first hit the shelves in the UK and Australia. When it will be available to the rest of the world is yet to be seen. The Flex, much like the yoga-books, can be used in a tent-mode, folded completely for tablet mode and then used in laptop mode for working. Considering that Chrome OS is not a very demanding Operating System for a configuration like the Flex 11’s, applications should fly. For a cheap and very useful device, the Lenovo Flex 11 is a definite buy and one that we hope a lot more users will consider now being a part of the Chrome eco-system. This is a great way to replace that old Android tablet.