Xiaomi MIUI OS update brings split-screen and other features, should arrive first on the Mi 6

Xiaomi MIUI OS update brings split-screen and other features, should arrive first on the Mi 6Split screen and picture-In-picture coming to MIUI (file photo)

Xiaomi is going through a stage of growth right now, both in its hardware and software. Firstly, with the launch of its new Mi 6 as well as the new MIUI, which should debut on the Mi 6.

The company has finally added some much-awaited features to its MIUI interface such as a split screen mode that lets users use more than one app at a time as well as the picture-in-picture function that has an overlay of a video running while background activities continue. While this is merely an addition of features that are already present on Android Nougat, Xiaomi’s official update will be more than welcome by budding fans and users, especially since it has been a while since the company released an update for its launcher.

While Xiaomi has had a knack for creating a user experience that is fairly straight-forward and often leaves out original features from the Android build, it has not stopped users, especially in markets where its phones are selling, from singing praises about the UI. Android does not support picture-in-picture for smartphones and only supports it on tablets. With the MIUI, Xiaomi is planning on bringing that feature back to smartphones instead of having to wait for Android O to release. This means finally getting to watch YouTube and being able to do any other task at the same time on one screen.

Some carriers take full advantage of Android eco-system and add their features as they layer the original source code with their own skin. Samsung was notorious for building phones that went above and beyond their calling to include so many new OS features, from split screens to stylus enhancements. A week from now, the new Mi6 will announced, along with the new MIUI OS. And if Xiaomi gets it right, they might be able to go the distance and truly outperform the flagships, with these new features. If only the company updated their phone as seriously.

Xiaomi has not given a date for the release of the MIUI OS, or which of their phones will get it, but that probably will happen after the launch of the Mi 6 and the Mi 6 Plus.