Motorola to bring two budget handsets – the E4 and C series, as well as Moto Z2 and Z2 Force later this year

After having released the Moto G5 and the G5 Plus as the mid-range offerings to the world, Lenovo have now focused on releasing the budget offering as well as their top-end offerings.

Along with Z2 and Z2 Force, there is also Moto E4 series as well as a new Moto C series coming (Nan Palmero/Flickr)

While the Moto Z2 was nothing else but just a rumour in few days ago, it has now been confirmed by way of a leak thanks to the popular whistle-blowing Twitter account @OnLeaks. This time, we have confirmation of what the Z2 Force will look from the back at least, having a dual camera setup on the back and the usual fingerprint scanner on the front. According to a report by 9to5Google, the phone appears to be thin and will support Moto Mods. Whether it will support the old Moto Mods or not, is yet to be seen though.

Lenovo’s branding will also be present on the phone – probably a first for a Moto handset. There is also a dual-tone front-facing flash for the selfie camera on the face of the device. Considering that the original Z had great specs last time around, it can be expected for the Z2 and the Z2 Force to have similar flagship specs as well. The Z2 Force will come with a Shatterproof glass as well as a more generous battery offering. The Moto Z2 should feature the normal kind of display without any super-hero qualities as the Moto Z2 Force.

The company is also launching a Moto E4 series phone as well as a new Moto C series. We are kind of familiar with the former. It seems that the Moto C and the E4 will come with five-inch screens and there will be a slight difference in features between the models. There is also speculation that larger versions of the respective models will be out as well. The ‘Plus’ variants of the Moto E4 and the C will reportedly come with slightly larger screens and batteries. The Moto C is the new kid on the block this time and is said to be the cheapest Moto handset yet.

All the aforementioned handsets will not be released at the same date, since Motorola would like to release the Z2 and the Z2 Force a year apart from the first generation’s release, which is in June. As for the others, only time (or leaks) will tell.