Project Scorpio: April 6 announcement will reveal the most powerful gaming console we have seen?

Just when the console wars started heating up with the oncoming of a more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro and the new Nintendo Switch, Xbox was not one to shy away from its own event of transition. Project Scorpio has been in the works for over a year now with numerous speculations and rumours surrounding Microsoft’s next big console. And it will officially be released on Thursday, April 6.

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s highly anticipated new console (file photo)

According to Digital Trends, this will be the most powerful console ever created and will be revealed to fans and gamers alike on Thursday. However the tag of “most powerful” should be taken with a pinch of salt before going into the official specs, which should only be released during the time of the unveiling of the console itself. Insiders are confident that the hardware inside the console will leave many in awe. Hopefully not those who’ve just bought themselves a brand new shiny PS4 Pro.

What backs up the claim of Project Scorpio being the most powerful is that the console will feature a 6 TFLOP GPU, which puts it ahead of the PS4’s 4.2 TFLOP unit. Digital Foundry has officially revealed that it will release the details on the new hardware by 6am on Thursday. Reports indicate that the new Project Scorpio will serve as the successor to the Xbox One S. The device will also be able to natively play at 4K, with its launch titles being compatible as well.

The new console – whose official name will probably be something other than Project Scorpio – will support Virtual Reality out of the box and will be available by the holiday season of 2017. It has been four years since the Xbox One and the PS4 had been announced. Considering that in such a short span of time, hardware is getting upgraded, it can only mean that technology has caught up just that fast. This holds true to the console generation as the PC master race is now leaps ahead in graphical output and capability. With 4K being the norm now for entertainment excellence, anything less will simply be an oversight.

This particular reveal will be special for Microsoft because it will be releasing its new console ahead of E3 this year, going against tradition of releasing new products during the event itself. With less than a day away, Project Scorpio is set to blow people’s minds and the competition out of the water as well.