GDC 2017: Oculus churns out 6 interesting VR titles for Rift and Gear

GDC 2017: Oculus churns out 6 interesting VR titles for Rift and Gear

The Oculus has had quite a year since it first launched in 2016. After a lot of trial and error and some missed titles, a more polished experience is promised by the company for their Rift and Gear VR games – 6, to be exact, all announced at this year’s GDC 2017.

Last year, the focus was made more on just delivering something that can be experienced on the VR headset. Once the few titles that were made had finally come out, there was nothing else left to do for those headsets but have them gather dust. This time around, there are six new titles to enjoy for players and all of them offer a wide array of functions across different genres, spanning multiple hours of gameplay.

Among the six games that were announced, four of those games have been configured to be optimized for touch. The rest are given the hype that they are “must-haves” for the gaming platform. This helps, because Oculus wanted users to spend more time with their devices since there is now a streamlined approach to game development and there is also better integration with different schematics. One of those  is NC Soft’s Blade and Soul. It is a hybrid trading card game with real-time strategy. Another one is Brass Tactics which touches upon the classic real-time strategy approach and puts in the form of a VR title. Brass Tactics will release in the Fall of 2017.

Also releasing around the same time is a game called From the Other Suns. This particular one will be interesting because it is set in space. It will support both the Oculus Rift as well as touch. Mage’s Tale is a nice adventure and RPG game with puzzle solving. Apart from those four, the other two titles included for VR at Augmented Empire and Term1nal for the Gear VR platform.

It’s no surprise that VR titles are stealing all the attention as that is what the future is going to be. With numerous VR-ready GPUs now ready to take on the task of playing games, it’s only common that the developers oblige and give the public what they want. We can probably expect some AAA titles to enter the VR arena soon, if the pace kicks up soon enough.

Doom VR, anyone?