Vizio SmartCast E Series 2017: 4K, HDR10 and large screens on a budget

Vizio has long since been known to make waves in the affordable TVs market. Recently, they had announced their new 2017 range of SmartCast E-Series Televisions with 4K and HDR support up to 80-inches. Here are some of the features to look forward to.

It doesn’t get bigger than this

The entry-level is about to get a lot more competitive with the arrival of Vizio’s new range, thanks to its most feature-packed release yet. The company prides itself on creating televisions with features that are not found on other manufacturers so far. Mainly for shoppers who want large screen-sizes, the Vizio will offer exceptional value, especially in 75-inch and 80-inch classes.

The 2017 VIZIO SmartCast E-Series includes Full HD and Ultra HD models

HDR and 4K

The televisions also come with HDR10 built-in, allowing for users to make best use of their PlayStation 4 Pros and also consume other HDR-rich media content. Clubbed with Ultra HD 4K resolution, and there isn’t anything currently left in the market to compete with anymore. Only the models which are 55-inches and above will support HDR, however.

The future is Wireless

One of the unique features of the TV is the built-in Chromecast, allowing users to cast from their devices almost seamlessly. This makes the TV useful for being used as a large screen to play back all sorts of content. There is also a special SmartCast app that can be used to integrate with the Google Assistant, which allow users to control the TV using voice assistance through a smart device such as Google Home. The remote for the TV is specially made for those who are setting up the casting feature for the first time.

A TV for every budget

In total, there are nine models on offer in this range. Of those nine, six offer HDR – the 55-inch ($549), 60-inch ($749), 65-inch ($899), 70-inch ($1,299), 75-inch ($1,999) and 80-inch ($3,399) models. The cheapest of the offerings is the 32-incher, which comes in at $210. The most expensive of the lot is the 80-inch behemoth. The 75 and 80-inch TVs will be available from the Vizio website directly, along with other online retailer such as Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club while the other models will be released a little later on.

This is not a smart TV in particular, but just has Chromecast embedded in its hardware. But it tries really hard to portray itself as being of the smart type. Nice try, Vizio. However, at the asking price, the option of getting 4K and HDR10 support is quite tempting. The monitor on the TV has a full-array LED backlight with up to 16 Active LED zones just for dynamic adjustments.