After 5 years, Motorola is releasing a new tablet, with productivity as its focus

Motorola, might probably be stirring things up in the tablet space, hopefully reviving some interest in the segment considering the dismal popularity that tablets have had a reputation of receiving. If recent reports are to be believed, the company might be working on its first tablet in after as long as five whole years.

Reports state that a tablet with a “premium look and feel” is in the development stages. In order to build the hype, the company has also released a teaser image of the device’s screen for proof. Considering that the Lenovo Yoga Book was a hit, it seems natural that Lenovo would try to make something more oriented towards Motorola’s identity. There will probably be a feature called productivity mode which will allow users to have apps running side by side, with all the on-going active apps displayed in a black strip below for better switching and navigation. That strip will take the place of the navigation strip, for making the added screen real-estate a lot more functional.

Based on CNet’s sources the tablet is set to be a 9-inch or 10-inch unit and considering the productivity-oriented approach towards the device, we can probably expect it to come with either a built-in stylus and keyboard accessory, since the tablet will be in the realm of the Surface devices and even iPad. This also means that the internals should probably pack some decent specifications. The last Motorola tablet was the Xoom which came out five years ago and it was one of the best laptops at the time. If the company wants to get things done right this time around, they will have competition from the likes of the iPad and the Surface Pro as well.

The arrival of the Motorola flagship Moto Z2 is also in the works, so it is possible that the tablet could arrive within proximity of the handset’s release. The tablet could also follow a similar design aesthetic as well. Currently, there are very few manufacturers now who are creating tablets; especially really good ones that can portray Android in the light that it is meant to. Motorola will have to conjure up something substantial for the public to truly appreciate.

Some of the variants of the tablet reportedly will come with data connectivity options as well. Apart from just the leaked screenshot of the device’s screen, not much else has been delved into just yet. It is still interesting to see active development on an Android tablet, considering the potential of the platform with the addition of OS optimizations as found in Remix OS and so on.


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